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Insights Cloud

Ingest data and extract value with actionable business insights.

Increase data value

Uncover the true value of your data. Augment and aggregate your data with real-time data streaming.

Improve models

Train and retrain data models using real-time numbers to improve model performance and decisioning accuracy.

Identify opportunities

Use pre-configured or customized dashboarding to track credit risk, compliance and other KPIs to create incremental business value.

Analyze data. Uncover insights. Deploy improvements.

To compete in a digital-first world — where evolution happens in minutes, not millennia — you need real-time insights integrated with your risk decisioning, and you need them now. And, you want to empower your business users to track model performance, analyze data from anywhere to make better, more confident decisions, and identify opportunities for innovation and improvement.

With the Provenir Insights Cloud you don’t just see data insights — you get the power to act on them.


Uncover your data’s full story to improve model performance.

With simplified data integration, advanced model management and pre-configured business intelligence reporting, you gain the ability to see stories in your data that can immediately impact your business performance.

Automate reporting

Fully automate the collection of data and reporting to get consistent and standardized performance updates. Our pre-configured dashboards enable you to track credit risk, compliance, fraud and other KPIs — or build your own.

  • CheckmarkInclude real-time decisioning data
  • CheckmarkSee granular performance metrics
  • CheckmarkDistribute dashboards in a visual, user-friendly format

Democratize data access

Make data and predictive analytics accessible across your organization with our Insights Cloud that powers data democratization.

  • CheckmarkManage changes with version control
  • CheckmarkSimplify access to data science tools
  • CheckmarkImprove business intelligence

We put powerful reporting and analytics capabilities in your business users’ hands including data scientists, risk managers, credit and fraud teams, underwriters and IT/business analysts.

Simplify integration

Enrich your decisioning data with internal and external data sources. Use the Data Marketplace to rapidly connect to new data sources through fully maintained APIs, tapping into Provenir’s data streaming capabilities to aggregate data within the Insights Cloud.

  • CheckmarkAdd traditional and alternative data to expand insights
  • CheckmarkCombine historical decisioning data with external data sources
  • CheckmarkTest new data in your models

Deploy models

The Insights Cloud makes deploying and governing machine learning and AI models across your organization fast and easy.

  • CheckmarkInstantly deploy models
  • CheckmarkExpose models via API services.
  • CheckmarkPlug in external data models via API

The model-agnostic data science platform enables deployment directly from the Insights Cloud, in any language your business speaks.

Maximize performance

Maximize model performance and minimize model risk with a continuous feedback loop powered by the Insights Cloud. Use real-time decisioning data to generate insightful analytics, identify opportunities for improvement and re-train models.

  • CheckmarkSimplify model monitoring
  • CheckmarkImprove decisioning accuracy
  • CheckmarkMaintain version control

Power innovation

Harness a variety of data sources combined with powerful business intelligence capabilities to identify opportunities, spot risks and inform your business strategy. Rapidly take action on insights using the no-code user interface that empowers non-technical users to make changes in minutes.

  • CheckmarkUse decisioning data to optimize risk strategies
  • CheckmarkIterate processes on your timeline
  • CheckmarkEliminate reliance on vendors (but we’re here if you need us)

Our platform makes us unique. Our results make you stand out.

Yapstone logo

“Provenir’s no-code visual tools let us design and configure our business process and go live quickly.”

Michael Gramz, Chief Risk Officer, Yapstone
GM logo

“We have deep insight into every application and contract as we can instantly get real-time information whenever we need it.”

Jeff Lively, VP of Dealer Services, GM Financial
Hitachi logo

“The flexibility of Provenir allows us to create our own risk decisioning workflows that can easily connect with any data source.”

Andy Dodd, Managing Director, Hitachi Capital
Rent-a-center logo

“Any changes that we need to make, any adjustments, those are things that we can make very rapidly without having to go to IT with change requests. With that freedom, we are always reviewing to ensure our models are optimal.”

Jonathan Klingler, Director of Risk and Decision Analytics for Rent-A-Center
Telia logo

“Provenir empowers the Telia Finance team to create and change credit offerings independently, process customer applications in seconds, and easily integrate to multiple data sources for better quality decisioning.”

Fredrik Nilsson, Credit Manager, Telia

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